The Art of Picture Framing


You want to use a picture framer to frame your pictures for perhaps some pretty basic functional reasons. Frames will help project the art work (when framed correctly). Also it helps with the dilemma of how to hang a picture. It’s much easier to hang, and transport, a picture once its in a frame.

We use only the best quality materials to frame your pictures here at Delphine Art. Our framer, trained by an art conservation, uses only acid free adhesives and backings which will protect your art work for many years to come.


Equally you’ll frame to enhance your picture. The art of framing is to draw your eye into the picture itself. Without a frame your artwork would be lost on the sea of a wall. The frame acts as a stage for your art work and gives a 2D picture a 3D presence. You may choose a frame to blend subtly into your interior, in contrast you may choose a frame that screams out at you “Look at Me!” Our team can help advise you on the best mounts and moldings which create the stage you desire for your picture.



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