The Stories Behind the Pictures

Delphine Art Studio Picture Framing Thame

The ‘ting-a-ling’ sound of the bell ringing on the shop door and another customer comes in clutching their artwork.

It’s the best part of my job as I genuinely love hearing the stories behind every picture that arrives in the shop and you just never know what is coming in next.

Recently we’ve framed some photographs and a map of Everest following on from the customers expedition there nearly eighteen years ago. A Victorian female nude photograph which had once hung in the home of the customer’s Uncle, who was a vicar! WWI medals that had belonged to the customer’s father. Rosettes and certificates of awards from Crufts. And a Pears Soap poster that was very worn and over seventy years old; the customer had recently been reunited with the image after it had gone missing for over sixty years. She had the poster on her wall as a child and, now in her mid-seventies, the picture had recently come into her possession again. She wanted it framed with creases intact so it would still show some ‘age’ and she was very much looking forward to hanging it on the wall of her bedroom and looking at it each night, the same as she did when she was a child.

We’re often framing pictures that are recent purchases, but I would say at least 50% of the time we frame pictures or memorabilia which customers have had hanging around the place for a long time. Perhaps on top of wardrobes, the back of a cupboard or drawer or down behind the sofa. All kinds of places are used to store these memories. I always ask what prompted them to bring it in today, after all those years of being hidden away. The answer is as eclectic as the pictures themselves, it could be a house move, an anniversary of a particular event, a sort out of a room or cupboard, new decoration or even that they’d forgotten they had the piece and just came across it.


So what do you have hanging around the house that you would like preserved and out there on display? Something that makes you smile each time you look at it, either because it’s an image you love or it reminds you of a special place or time in your life.

We can help with all types of framing jobs, from a simple re-glaze or re-frame right through to something more unusual such as framing a wedding bouquet, children’s first shoes or even a guitar.


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